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Jonathan Young Windmill
Jonathan Young Windmill, Orleans Massachusetts, Barnstable County

Jonathan Young Windmill must be one of the oldest if not the oldest windmill in the United States. It is believed to have been built in 1720 in South Orleans. The mill was moved in 1839 to the hill overlooking the Town Cove. In 1897 it was moved to Hyannisport. The mill operated and stayed in Hyannisport until 1983. The mill was dismantled piece by piece, restored and rebuilt in its present location by the the Orleans Historical Society and contributions from the community. This structure was completed in the mid-1980s. In Town Cove Park, the Jonathan Young Windmill proudly represents the town of Orleans history and exemplifies their respect for their cultural heritage.

During the summer months the windmill is open to the public and the resident miller will tell you how the mill functions and answer any question that you may have. The most unique aspect of the Jonathan Young Windmill is the presence of equipment and hand-hewn wood from its original construction in 1720.

Jonathan Young Windmill, Orleans Massachusetts, Barnstable County
Jonathan Young Windmill, Orleans Massachusetts, Barnstable County - From a Distance
Jonathan Young Windmill, Orleans Massachusetts, Barnstable County - Exterior
Jonathan Young Windmill, Orleans Massachusetts, Barnstable County
Jonathan Young Windmill
Jonathan Young Windmill
Jonathan Young Windmill
Tail Piece attached inside the top of the Windmill.
The tail piece moves the cap to position the mast and arms in the face of the wind.
Jonathan Young Windmill
Tail Piece on a Wheel
Jonathan Young Windmill
View of Jonathan Young's Windmill near the Bay
Jonathan Young Windmill
Jonathan Young Windmill
Jonathan Young Windmill - Old Post Card
Above Post Card Front, Below Post Card Back
Jonathan Young Windmill - Old Post Card Back

Jonathan Young, Brief Biography

Excerpt from Deyo's History of Barnstable County in 1898

"Jonathan Young was born in Orleans on June 27, 1805. He was the son of Jonathan and Eunice (Hard) Young and grandson of Nehemiah. He enjoyed such opportunities of education as were within the reach of the youth of his time, and at the age of sixteen years went to Provincetown as an apprentice to the shoemaking trade. Before the stipulated term of three years service had expired he bought his time from the proceeds of overwork performance and came to Orleans to establish himself in business. He opened a store for the manufacture and sale of boots, on the corner which he and his son have since occupied, gradually enlarging his business as his means increased. At the age of twenty-three he married Mary F., daughter of Jonathan and granddaughter of Jonathan Rogers, of Orleans, and to here diligent and prudent co-operation Mr. Young freely ascribes a full share of his success in after life. After about fifteen years in the shoe trade exclusively, Mr. Young enlarged his business to that of a general variety store, in which he has met with the success usually attendant upon intelligent and preserving effort, and in which he continued until 1969, when he transferred his business to his son. Since that time he has lived a comparatively retired. life.

Mr. Young's avocations have not permitted of his often accepting public positions, except such as are of a purely business nature He was , however, a captain of the militia company of his town, and received a commission signed by Governor Levi Lincoln, dated July 27, 1831 kept the martial spirit alive and active there after it had subsided elsewhere. Mr. Young was clerk and treasurer of the Cape Cod Central Railroad Company, which extended its track from Yarmouth to Orleans in 1965, and was one of eight persons who subscribed to the fund for the equipment and rolling stock of the road. He is a liberal supporter of the Congregational society, and at eighty-two years enjoys the degree of physical vigor which usually attend a good constitution preserved by a life of temperance and frugality."

Jonathan Young Windmill - Interior Top of Cap, Bullwheel, Brake Wheel, Windshaft, Wooden Gears
This is a unique perspective of the interior workings of a windmill. This view shows the windshaft (center, black pole) in the interior attached to the brake wheel / bull wheel (wooden gears). This photograph also depicts the top round structure of the mill building, the cap. The cap moves along the curb on iron wheels as the tail piece moves the arms into the wind.
Jonathan Young Windmill - Interior, Bull Wheel, Iron Cog and Gear, Drive Shaft, Spindle
Jonathan Young Windmill - Different Perspective of the Interior of the Cap, Bull Wheel, Drive Shaft and Wind Shaft
Jonathan Young Windmill - Interior of Cap
This is a fine example of a preserved windmill interior. Here is the connection of the windshaft with the gears. The gears interconnect with the cogs to change the direction of the energy This energy is directed to turn the huge millstones. The direction of energy may be shifted several times in order to reach the shaft that moves the stones. It is ideal to change direction as few times as possible because every time the direction is changed, energy is lost.
Jonathan Young Windmill - Mill Stones, Mill Stone Case, Shoe and Hopper
Jonathan Young Windmill - Interior with Tools
Jonathan Young Windmill - Interior First Floor

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Hours: Seasonal. Contact: Orleans Historical Society, email or call 508-240-1329
Directions: Located at the interesections of Route 28 and 6A in Orleans.
Address: 41 Old King's Highway, Orleans, MA 02653
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