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Red Brook Windmill - Cape Cod
Redbrook Windmill, Pocasset Massachusetts, Cape Cod
Red Brook Windmill Plaque

Red Brook History

Red Brook Windmill was originally built in 1797 in Bristol, Rode Island. It was transported to New Bedford and functioned briefly at this new location upon its initial installation. In the winter of 1853 the mill was moved to Cataumet across Buzzards Bay on the ice by its new owner Perry G. Macomber. It was located at the wharf at Redbrook. The mill was reconstructed and put into operation by Captain William Ellis, "the grinder."

In 1869, the mill was severely damaged by a hurricane. The cap and arms were destroyed. The mill was in ruins in 1890. In 1905, the railroad assumed the land where the mill stood so it was moved to its present location and restored by Gammons and Alder. It was attached to a house.

Red Brook Mill is the largest windmill structure on Cape Code. It is 40 feet tall with an 18-foot diameter at the top and a 22-foot diameter at the base. The mill building is constructed with 13-and 14-inch hand-hewn lumber mortised and secured with wooden pegs.

There were two sets of millstones, five feet in diameter and thirteen inches thick. One sat on the second floor and the other one sat on the third floor. It is said that when the stones were grinding the entire building shook and groaned from the whirling sails and the two sets of grinding stones. The grinding stones are now used as stepping stones to the building.

Today, Red Brook Windmill stands attached to a house on the Redbrook Estate. Sitting on a rock foundation, the three to four story octagonal structure is covered with wooden shingles and has many windows. The cap is round and there are no arms or evidence of the windshaft. Its size and shape are impressive. Just knowing Red Brook Windmill's history makes viewing the old structure exciting. It is a private residence..

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Address: 9-11 Red Brook Pond Drive, Pocasset, Massachusetts 02559
Directions: Take SR 28 South to the Round-About to SR28A South, Turn right on Long Hill Road, Turn left on Couty Road, Turn Right on Old Mill Lane. Red Brook Windmill is directly ahead on Red Brook Pond Drive.
It is a private residence. Please do not disturb the owners.
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Placard at Windmill Site