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Exterior & History
Bull Wheel & Cap

Eastham Windmill - Bullwheel & Cap
Eastham Windmill - Bullwheel, Iron Gears, Wind Shaft
Wooden Toothed Bull Wheel, Iron Gear / Cogs & Windshaft
The windshaft is attached to the bull wheel. The bull wheel moves around and is met with the iron gear.
The iron gear sits on top of the shaft aka spindle that moves the runner mill stone.
Eastham Windmill - Bull Wheel, Iron Gear, Drive Shaft / Spindle
Eastham Windmill - Bull Wheel, Iron Gear attached to Spindle / Shaft
Closeup perspective of the wooden teeth and the iron cogs.
Eastham Windmill - Bull Wheel, Windshaft
The sky blue paint on the iron is the windshaft which is attached to the bullwheel.
Eastham Windmill - Bull Wheel
Yet another perspective.
Eastham Windmill - Bull Wheel
Each Wooden Tooth is Fitted Individually into the Slot
Eastham Windmill - Bull Wheel
The bullwheel is located in the highest level of the windmill into the cap.
Eastham Windmill - Bull Wheel, Iron Gear, Drive Shaft / Spindle, Interior of Cap
Nice view of the upper mechanics and the cap.
Eastham Windmill - Bull Wheel and Interior of Cap
This shows the well defined structure of the cap.
Eastham Windmill - Interior of Cap
The interior of the cap is very large. It has to be to support the bullwheel.
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Hours: Seasonal. Contact Eastham Historical Society P.O. Box 8 Eastham, MA 02642
Click Her for the Eastham Historical Society website.
Directions: In Eastham on Route 6.
Address: 2510 U. S. Route 6, Eastham, MA 02642
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