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Cataument Windmill #2
aka Rothery Windmill #2
Cataumet Windmill #2 , Pocasset MA - Exterior
Cataumet Windmill #2 is also known as Rothery Windmill #2. We found this windmill late in the afternoon of 1990 and the sky was overcast. Consequently, the photographs are not great. Large trees surround the windmill which also made it difficult to photograph. However, the pictures do give you a sense of Cataumet Windmill #2. The mill has been remodeled into a residence with three levels.
This is an original windmill built in the late 18th century. Dates and locations are not clear.
The building has been maintained and the only interior remnant of the old windmill is the wind shaft at the top of the cap.
Cataumet Windmill #2 , Pocasset MA - Exterior
The residence was vacant when we visited this mill. There was a FOR RENT sign on the fence at the road so we felt comfortable walking around the grounds. The photos might not depict this windmill's structure as spectacular but let me assure you that it is definitely worth your time to visit. This octaganal, shake-sided mill has been well maintained and preserved. The cap, mast and the added windows and new door are all in excellent condition.
Cataumet Windmill #2 , Pocasset MA - Exterior
This view shows the mast. This photo was taken in November 1990 while I was in Boston promoting my book on covered bridges Covered Bridges Today. At the time I was shooting black and white film and unfortunately the masts appear burned into the sky.The Masts truly add to the motif and ambience of the old windmill. Surrounded by big trees, the windmill is difficult to see and photograph but if you are in Cataumet you will be happy you looked up this old mill.
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Private Residence. Please do not disturb owners.
Address: 1090 County Road, Pocasset, MA 02559
Directions:From SR 28, take round-about to 28A South, turn right on Long Hill Road,
turn left on County Road, Windmill is on the right.

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