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Arey's Windmill aka Rothery Windmill #1

It has a unique and appealing setting. Attached to a large house, it has been well preserved and has a striking presence. With gray, shake siding, the windmill is trimmed in white and blue, coordinated with the house. The conical cap is a Dutch style with the roof folded in under the eaves. Covered with a charcoal gray shake shingle, the cap supports a white, 4-arm mast.

Originally built and operated in Chatham, this windmill was moved to South Orleans in 1830. A retired ship captain, James, H. Arey, bought the mill in 1870. J. J. E. Rothery bought the windmill from Arey in 1900. Rothery moved the windmill to its present location and attached it to the house. Its use was intended as a guesthouse. No machinery is present in the old mill. There is however a set of narrow winding steps that lead to the second and third floor. The planks on the steps display grooves from extended wear. There also remains an oak handrail left smooth from the many years of use.

Arey's Windmill
Now attached to a house.
I viewed Google Maps and the arms, mast and windshaft are no longer in place.
This is an original windmill, not a replica. However the interior milling equipment is gone.
Private Resident. Please do not disturb the owners.
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Address: 9 Red Brook Pond Drive, Cataumet, MA
Directions: Take SR 28 South at round-about, take SR 28A South, Turn right on Long Hill Road, Bare Left on County Road, turn right on Old Mill Lane. Arey's Windmill is directly at the intersection of Old Mill Lane and Red Brook Pond Drive
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